Overview :

Investors 1031 Exchange takes a different approach compared to our competitors. We WILL advise our clients on their overall strategy with regard to investment real estate and will structure the most cost-effective plan for them and their families to ensure that their wealth is protected. Most accommodators are strictly forbidden to consult the way we do. We will insure your transactions goes smoothly, you are communicated with frequently, and that we are available 24/7 during your exchange period. Through our exclusive software platform, you’ll always have access to your documents, forms, and exchange timeline. This includes utilizing only restricted 1031 accounts and ensuring that no exchange funds can ever move without the explicit authorization of the Exchanger. We even take it a step further, although it’s not required by law, by holding a Fidelity Bond, Cyber Threat Policy, and Errors and Omissions Policy for all transactions individually. For larger exchanges, through our banking affiliates, we are able to offer up to $100,000,000 ($100 million) of FDIC insurance. This level of funds security is unusual in the 1031 exchange industry, but it’s your money, we’re just here to protect it.

Our Mission

We strive to protect your wealth through 1031 exchanges. Our experts provide financial strategies, that will save you money and time.

Financial and Security

As a provider of exchange services, we work very closely with both our exclusive banking partner as well as many of the closer's who are handling your property transfers.

24/7 Support

Support in person, over the phone, and online. We are here for you every step of the way. Whether you are estate planning, already in escrow, or in the middle of an exchange, you will always be able to reach us.

How We Work :

We offer a one-stop-shop of convenience and an integrated range of financial and exchange services under one roof. We are passionate about what we do and how we do it. We understand that our clients are not just the most important part of our business, THEY are our business. It’s their wealth, we’re just here to protect it!